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Fel-d1 is primarily found in cat saliva, though dander and fur can also become allergenic when the cat grooms itself. Fel-d1 levels vary between individual cats, though the Siberian cat breed as a whole has a much lower average than other breeds earning it the title “hypoallergenic”. Siberian cat breeder raises healthy, gentle, loving Siberian cats and kittens in a raw fed, loving home. Hypoallergenic Siberian kittens and cats. Siberian cats and kittens are best for cat allergic homes and people with cat allergies. When a cat licks its fur, the saliva dries and flakes to create the dander to which people are allergic. This can vary from cat to cat and person to person. If you are allergic to cats and want to test your allergic response to Siberians, it is best to test with the Siberian you are thinking of getting. Spend time with it and find out how you. Our Siberians are imported from a trusted breeder in Sibera. We are focused on the preservation of purebred Siberian Forest Cat blood lines. Our cats are Specially selected, we provide a health guarantee against genetic diseases, as we test against all genetic feline diseases.

The Siberian cat is the most hypoallergenic cat breed, that is to say that they have little allergenic. This is why it can be adapted to people who are normally allergic to cats. Siberian naturally produces little of the allergenic protein FEL D1, responsible for allergies for 85% of people allergic to cats. Purchaser understands that shipping and relocation of these Cats & Kittens causes a certain level of stress. Acclimation periods for these felines may vary from situation to situation. Usually within a few days, with love and care, your new Siberian Cat or Kitten will be an outgoing, sweet, playful goofball.

Siberian Cats of CT is located in Stamford Connecticut and convenient to residents of N Y, N J, CT & MA. Our females, Felisha and Galatea came from the renowned cattery Hakuna Matata in Russia and are registered with TICA. Purebred Siberians are favored by people with cat allergies. Although Sphynx cats are commonly described as "hairless," they do have a fine, downy fuzz that feels almost suede-like when stroked. Like all cat breeds, Sphynx cats produce dander. But if bathed frequently—which the cat needs anyway to remove excess oil from its skin—the dander. The Siberian is, on experience, a hypo-allergenic breed at the very least. There is much less likelihood of an allergic reaction to this breed of cats. 30% of households in Australia have a cat as pet and cats are now more popular than dogs as pets there. Siberian Cat Breeders. Find Siberian Cat Kittens For Sale on. This large muscular cat is quite strong. Their coat, which comes in the traditional assortment of colors, is triple thick, thereby very water-resistant, with a full ruff that gets denser in the winter months. When the fur dries, it then flakes off as dander and becomes the airborne allergen that triggers allergy symptoms in sensitive people. Most Siberian cats produce such a low level of the FEL-D1 compared to other pedigreed and domestic cats, due to a protein sequence missing in their DNA. This has given the Siberian cat the hypoallergenic title.

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