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23/10/2015 · WASHINGTON — Mitt Romney is finally taking credit — or admitting blame — for Obamacare. After years of denying that Obamacare was closely modeled on the universal healthcare insurance plan Romney helped pass as Massachusetts governor, the. Los Angeles Times: Romney’s Health Care Plan May Be More Revolutionary Than Obama’s As he pushes to “repeal and replace” President Obama’s healthcare law, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney has turned to proposals that could alter the way hundreds of millions of Americans get their medical insurance. 23/10/2015 · Mitt Romney Finally Takes Credit For Obamacare: It's All Politics "Without Romneycare, I don't think we would have Obamacare," the 2012 GOP presidential nominee admits in an obituary remembering his friend Staples founder Thomas Stemberg. 28/12/2011 · GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney said the insurance mandate included in the Massachusetts healthcare law he signed is fundamentally a conservative principle. Speaking Wednesday on “Fox and Friends,” Romney defended the Bay State’s healthcare law, which includes a.

For more information, go to Mitt Romney Central's website here. These days conservatives despise the use of a healthcare mandate to expand insurance coverage. But it wasn't always this way. In fact, the very idea of an individual healthcare mandate originated from the. 08/08/2012 · A Mitt Romney spokesperson offered an unusual counterattack Wednesday to an ad in which a laid-off steelworker blames the presumptive GOP nominee for his family losing health care: If that family had lived in Massachusetts, it would have been covered by the former governor’s universal health care. Israel spends less on health care because of a universal health system that requires everyone to have insurance. Every Israeli citizen has the obligation to purchase health care services through one of the country’s four HMOs since government officials approved the National Health Insurance Law in 1995.

Mitt Romney on ObamaCare ObamaCare has unelected board making health decisions ROMNEY: ObamaCare puts in place an unelected board that's going to tell people ultimately what kind of. 31/05/2011 · By now everybody who follows politics knows that Mitt Romney signed a universal health care law in Massachusetts and, in so doing, imposed a requirement that all citizens obtain health insurance. But exactly how involved was he in shaping the law? How did he really feel about the so-called “individual mandate”? Two new articles. Mitt Romney is running to serve Utahns and to bring Utah’s values to Washington, but he can’t do it without your help. Health insurance costs must be reined in. I will apply my career experience in healthcare and finance to install market-based incentives to reduce costs. Romney called Kennedy, and they agreed to approach the Bush Administration and present the outlines of Romney’s embryonic health-care plan. If the Administration would allow Massachusetts to continue to receive the extra money, Romney would achieve universal health care in his state. Politico calls out the odd Dem tactic of “Draperizing” Mitt Romney, part of their even odder strategy of painting the universal healthcare-passing, formerly pro-choice Massachusetts governor as some sort of right-wing extremist.

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24/08/2007 · Mitt Romney, an architect of Massachusetts’ universal health coverage plan, is unveiling his proposal for overhauling the nation’s health care system, calling for a state-by-state approach that he says will help millions of uninsured in this country gain access to affordable medical coverage. The cornerstone of Gov. Mitt Romney's new universal health care law for Massachusetts is a program titled "Commonwealth Care", a plan for thousands of low-income people who could not afford regular health insurance, funded by the taxpayers. One of the stated benefits covered in. 13/11/2013 · While Romney’s health reform is working in Massachusetts, he believes one model cannot meet the needs of all 50 states. In addition, the ACA has a much broader scope in that it includes provisions to address healthcare provider shortages, increase wellness and nutrition programs, bolster community health centers, and adjust Medicaid and Medicare.

Mitt Romney has promised everything from repealing universal health care, to go after China's currency manipulation, approve the keystone pipeline, and defund Planned Parenthood - all on day one. Melissa Harris-Perry and her guests talk about what a Romney presidency would look like. Discover Mitt Romney quotes about health care. Share with friends. Create amazing picture quotes from Mitt Romney quotations. 30/07/2012 · While in Israel, Mitt Romney said “Do you realize what health care spending is as a percentage of the G.D.P. in Israel? Eight percent,” he said. “You spend eight percent of G.D.P. on health care. You’re a pretty healthy nation. We spend 18 percent of our G.D.P. on health care, 10 percentage points more. That gap, that 10.

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24/03/2010 · Mitt Romney is not wasting a single opportunity to make it abundantly clear to the American people that he wants Barack Obama‘s job. Last night he visited Larry King to criticize the passing of the Democrats’ health care bill, calling it a violation of the oath of office and suggesting the means. Yes, Mitt Romney's track record with the health reform law in Massachusetts will hurt his chances in the 2012 election. They are hurting him right now. Romney will likely continue to enjoy moderate to strong support from establishment Republicans. 24/08/2007 · BOSTON — Former Gov. Mitt Romney says other states can replicate Massachusetts' program of universal health care if the federal government creates an environment in which private health insurance can expand. In a speech being delivered Friday. The Principled Decision by Mitt Romney. Universal health care in Massachusetts is favored by 70% of the population, and by up to 90% of the legislature. As a candidate for governor in 2003, Romney was already making public comments about universal health care because it. 17/09/2007 · I chuckle at Mitt Romney's characterization of Hilary Clinton's proposed health plan as "Washington managed health care," utilizing "government insurance." I assume he is referring to the part of the plan that will broaden the current federal employees plan to cover other citizens. I.

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