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Hakutsuru benefits from excellent water sources including pristine spring water from Mt. Rokko, and the famous spring water specifically for sake making called "Miyamizu" which if found at the corner of the 1000-year-old Nishinomiya Shrine.This, in addition to advanced brewing technologies, allows Hakutsuru to make a wide variety of excellent sake. Hakutsuru is the largest and one of the oldest sake manufacturers in Japan located in the famous Nada region in Hyogo prefecture. This region enjoys good solar insolation and the temperature difference between night and day in the summertime reaches 20°F, making it suitable for making rice. Talk about a gentle and yet elegant sake that is incredibly drinkable. The nose on the brew is a whispered collection of cantaloupe, white grape, sweet rice.

Hakutsuru is located in the famed Nada district of Kobe, a leading saké production area. The name Hakutsuru means “white crane”. The crane’s reserved character and graceful appearance along with the cultural association of seeing a crane in flight as an auspicious sign, makes the crane an ideal symbol to represent the excellent quality of Hakutsuru’s saké. 11/07/2019 · A subtle yet fantastically flavoured junmai ginjo, made gentle to drink. There's few sake out there that can be enjoyed as light and refined as this junmai ginjo by Hakutsuru Shuzo. Pouring practically clear thanks to natural spring water of the local Nada region of Hyogo prefecture, it's slight. Hakutsuru Junmai Ginjo JG24 "White Crane" Four Hot Words: Clean, Smooth, Even, & Drinkable. This Ginjo has a nose of soft ripe strawberries and grass. It has a. Hakutsuru Junmai Ginjo Sake. Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Co. Ltd. Sugar Content: 22 g/L. NOTE: Prices subject to change without notice. Prices include container deposit fees where applicable. All products may not be available in all stores. Select products may be.

The Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Company was founded in 1743, in the middle of Japan's Edo period. Records show that the company started with a single brewhouse and had a total production volume of 32 kiloliters. The name "Hakutsuru" has a long tradition, first coming into use in 1747, four years after the company's founding. Description: The Hakutsuru sake brewery calls this their "most Excellent Junmai Sake"--and we couldn't agree more.for the price, you simply can't beat this Junmai. Its clean, balanced, and a simple brew. This sake also has the fortunate quality to be enjoyed at all temperatures including HOT for those cold wintery days that need a little zest. Ginjo: Sake that is made up of rice, water, koji mold, yeast and a portion of added distilled alcohol, and the rice is milled 40% with 60% of each grain remaining. Junmai Daiginjo: Sake that is made up of water, koji mold, yeast and rice milled 50% with 50% of each grain of rice remaining. Users have rated this wine 4 out of 5 stars. Sake is an alcoholic beverage made most famously in Japan. Like wine, sake is a varied category, running the gamut from light, inexpensive examp. Stores and prices for 'Hakutsuru Superior Junmai Ginjo Sake, Kobe' prices, stores, tasting notes and market data.

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